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Custom Design Terms


Once your new design has been installed to your blog, you agree to keep the Designer Blogs link on your blog until you remove the design from your blog in its entirety.


 Payment must be made in full to reserve a slot in my queue.


Although 1have not lost any widgets (sidebar information) yet with my designs and don’t anticipate losing any in the future, we still strongly suggest you save a back up of your blog template before work on your design has begun just in case something should happen. Designer Blogs is not responsible for anything lost due to your failure to backup your template.


Please do not use or alter any of our images or codes without our written permission. All designs are copyright Designer Blogs 2012.


Due to the unique nature of blog design, Designer Blogs does not offer refunds on designs already begun.


For 30 days after I’ve installed the design to your site, we will provide up to one hour of free post-install support to go over any questions or concerns you may have as you settle into your design.


I use Firefox and recommend that our clients do as well. Designs and content may vary from browser to browser. To see my work at it’s finest, please download Firefox,

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